What happened on thanks giving

My mom cook the food the day before she had me test eat the food, my mom’s dum boyfriend Rob boat sodas the only thing he ever done that was helpful. Ok sorry we got a little off track I was in my room papering  for my cousins,Austen,grampus,and grandmas to come over after that I […]

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I’d like to say sorry for not posting anything on my blog in a log time I will try to change that and post every week.

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Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th you have to  stay alive from Jason Voorshes by ether repairing a car or a bout or you can get the phone fuse so you can call the cops and if you die you have to hope someone call Tomy Javes and he is bestially like a sheriff and he has […]

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My schdule

I well be trying to post every week there well be two post I don’t no when or what day but I well be  trying my headiest to get it out but it takes time im saying sorry now just in cast I miss a week thank you for your time.

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Rainbow Six Siege

I’m going to be talking about as  it says in the title Rainbow Six Siege which if you don’t know is a game its vary poplar and fun its made by  UBISOFT this game is like real life mixed with the a game when you play it you feel like your in the game its […]

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Welcome to my blog

Hello my name is Blackman and this is my blog on here I’m going to show or talk about me some times u might see other people in the videos ill talk Ill do  some videos and sometimes talk about games and how I feel about the game and give some facts off to so you can know about the game and […]

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